Hiltz Squared Media Group Inc. (HSMG) is a production and distribution company, which was incorporated in 2000 by brother and sister Jonathan and Naomi Hiltz and Myles Shane. Since it’s inception, HSMG has ventured into many new projects and continues its success with a current list of ongoing and new productions as well as a growing distribution library. The company also represents a stock photography library from legendary photographer, Bruce Cole.

In 2001, HSMG created and produced the International Teen Movie Festival, which was one of the first events in the world of its kind, showcasing teen filmmakers. The sponsors included Levi’s, Grand & Toy, CHUM Television, The Movie Network, Coca-Cola, the Toronto Star, Warner Brothers, Disney, MTV, AMC Theaters and others.

HSMG then produced their first feature film, ‘Jack’s House’, which premiered on Movie Central and The Movie Network in Canada, after winning the ‘Groundbreaking Director’ Award for Naomi Hiltz at the New York International Independent Film Festival. The film was sold to CHUM Television and has been broadcast on Bravo and CITYTV.

After the sale of the festival, HSMG started production on a new TV series called ‘Fairy Tale’. Created by producer Myles Shane, ‘Fairy Tale’ was the first Gay & Lesbian dating series on television and thirty-nine episodes were produced.

As the acceptance of Gay & Lesbian weddings was on the rise, Hiltz Squared created the spin-off TV series ‘I Now Pronounce You...” starring Trevor Boris, which features same-sex weddings from around the world and the governments who are allowing them. “I Now Pronounce You...” currently has thirteen episodes going to air and is being broadcast in Canada, Israel, Australia, the Netherlands and soon to be the United States.

At the time of these series, HSMG was hired to produce two seasons of the hit TV series CoverGuy, the search for the next male cover model.

Hiltz Squared recently completed production of a documentary shot in Japan, about politician Kanako Otsuji. The film, simply titled ‘Kanako’ is scheduled to air in Canada and the United States this fall.

HSMG continues to produce and distribute its growing library of original productions and other acquisitions, as it eagerly develops future projects.

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