CANADA, 2011. 80 min.

19 young people, off the grid on an island in the Yukon River must carve a sea-going canoe true to an ancient design that will carry them off the island.  In the process they will live together bonded by creative work; and transform themselves.  This film is about the redemptive power of Art and about the power of community to heal community.

DIRECTOR ALLAN CODE: Allan Code has lived in Northern Canada since 1971; much of that time learning, teaching and making films in isolated Dene and Inuit communities on either side of the treeline; the barrenlands and taiga that stretch across the top of North America. For 15 years, Whitehorse, Yukon has been home. Allan has been a film-maker since 1969; making independent medium-length documentaries. DUGOUT is a first feature-length documentary made in Yukon. The goal is to make films FOR; not ON the North.














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