Tales of the Waria Tales of the Waria
Social Issues/ Gay/Lesbian Issues
USA. 2011.
Will there be a theater up there? Will there be a theater up there?
Arts/ History
Georgia. 2011.
afk /afk
Pop Culture/Human Interest
USA. 2011.
Feeding the Brain
Canada. 2011. 36 min.
6ft Hick 6FT Hick: Notes from the Underground
Music/Pop Culture
Australia. 2010. 62 min.
carpet racers Carpet Racers
Popular Culture/ Human Interest
Canada. 2009. 83 min.
fezeka's voice Fezeka's Voice
Music/Social Issues
South Africa. 2009. 80 min.
crossing the line Crossing the Line
Social Issues/Political
USA. 2009. 39 min.
iranium Iranium
USA. 2011. 57 min.
automorphosis Automorphosis
Pop Culture/ Cars/ Art
USA. 2008. 77 min.
average community Average Community
Music/ Pop Culture/ Social Issues
USA. 2009. 86 min.
dear mr gore Dear Mr Gore
Social Issues/ Environmental
USA. 2009. 67 min.
decoding iceland Decoding Iceland
Social Issues/ Political
USA. 2009. 94 min.
dissolve Dissolve
Social Issues/ Women's Issues/ Crime
Canada. 2009. 42 min.
findingface Finding Face
Social Issues/ Crime
USA. 2009. 68 min.
forbiddensundance Forbidden Sun Dance
Social Issues/ Political/ Art
Iran/USA. 2009.
ittakesacult It Takes a Cult
Social Issues/ Religion/ Human Interest
USA. 2009. 81 min.
alcatrazreunion Alcatraz Reunion
Crime/ Human Interest/ History
USA. 2008. 74 min.
intheshadowoffeeling In the Shadow of Feeling
Human Interest/ Crime/ Psychology
Canada. 2007. 44 min.
533statements 533 statements
Gay/Lesbian Issues/ Human Interest
Canada. 70 Minutes.
bombhunters Bombhunters
Politcial/ Social Issues/ War & Conflict
USA. 2006.
epitaph Epitaph
Social Issues/ Political/ War & Conflict
Iran/USA. 2002. 33 min.
done bali Done Bali
Travel/ Political/ Social Issues/ Culture
USA. 1993. 52 / 60 min.
American Road American Road
USA. 2011. 108 min.
Never Happen Here Never Happen Here: The White Horse 9-11 Story
History/ Political
Canada. 2011. 71 min.
Riding for Jesus Riding for Jesus
Human Interest.
Italy/USA. 2011. 52 min.
married in canada Married in Canada
Gay/Lesbian Issues/ Human Interest/ Social Issues
USA. 2010. 49 min.
the inventor and the daredevil The Inventor and the Daredevil
Science/ Technology/ Pop Culture/ Biography
USA. 2010. 52 min.
young composers The Young Composers Challenge
Music/ Human Interest
USA. 2009.
toxic soup Toxic Soup
Political/ Human Interest/ Environmental
USA. 2010. 89 min.
just say it Just Say It!
Human Interest
Canada. 2009. 72 min.
kanako Kanako: Challenging the System
Gay/Lesbian Issues/ Political/ Human Interest/ Social Issues
Canada. 2007. 56 min.
nerdcore rising Nerdcore Rising
Music/ Pop Culture
USA. 2008. 85 min.
peace commandos Peace Commandos
War & Conflict/ Political
USA. 2010. 62 min.
switch Switch: A Community in Transition
Social Issues/ Gay/Lesbian Issues
USA. 2009. 52 min.
anatomy of hate The Anatomy of Hate
Social Issues/ War & Conflict
USA. 2008. 52 min.
looking for romeo Looking for Romeo
Gay/Lesbian Issues/ Human Interest
USA. 2008. 60 min.
circle closes The Circle Closes
USA. 2010. 30 min.
reinactors The Reinactors
Pop Culture/ Human Interest
USA. 2008.
third jihad The Third Jihad
War & Conflict/ Political
USA. 2008. 72 min.
monster camp Monster Camp
Pop Culture/ Human Interest
USA. 2007. 81 min.
jack mitchell Jack Mitchell: My Life in Black and White
Art/ Biography
USA. 2006. 75 min.
life after tomorrow Life After Tomorrow
Art/ Theatre/ Biography/ Human Interest
USA. 2006.
bushmen of the kalahari Vanishing Cultures: Bushmen of the Kalihari
Anthropology/ Travel/ Social Issues/ Human Interest
USA. 2006. 56 min.
trial Trial
Political/ War & Conflict/ Human Interest
USA. 2002. 45 min.
utopia Utopia
War & Conflict/ Human Interest/ Political
USA. 2002. 34 min.