On May 6th, 2009 Maine became the first state in this country to legislatively grant same-sex couples the right to marry. Seven months later, on November 3rd, 2009 Maine, thru a referendum election, reversed, becoming the thirty-first state in this country to say “no” to gay and lesbian marriage.

“Question One” a new documentary by award winning filmmakers Joe Fox and James Nubile chronicles the fierce and emotional battle that took place in Maine during that time.

Closely mirroring California’s Prop 8 battle, the film chronicles in “War Room” fashion the behind the scenes workings on BOTH sides of the campaign (the first time this has ever been done). The filmmakers spent the duration of the campaign imbedded in the war rooms and strategy sessions as they captured the private thoughts, insights, fears and conflicts expressed by key leaders as they crafted and created their messages and strategies.

For three months, the filmmakers shadowed the foot soldiers, the volunteers of the campaign as they knocked on countless doors, made endless phone calls and through deeply personal and revealing interviews bared their souls of hope and heartache as they fought to the finish for an issue framed and anchored in passion and purpose, Dignity and civil rights, Morality and beliefs.


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