2011, 73 minutes
Documentary | Comedy | Drama






Save the Drama is a feature length documentary exploring the transformative power of the arts and youth culture. The film chronicles the lives and times of the students of the Sir Winston Churchill High School Drama Club as they prepare for their final project of the year. An examination of the high school experience, the movie focuses on a tight-knit group determined to achieve the impossible — an improv Renaissance dinner theatre held in the school’s cafeteria.


No script. No adult supervision. Eight weeks. Only one rule — Stay. In. Character.

Can they pull it off? Will it come together? Thunder Bay’s Churchill High School has no formal drama department. The students here have taken it upon themselves to create and manage a successful drama club. The school is not equipped for large stage productions and does not have the resources other school run drama departments typically have (like a lighting and sound system or a proper stage). The students use found objects such as overhead projectors for lighting and have only one makeshift stage exit, but their ingenuity and dedication is at the core of that old cliché — the show must go on.

The students fund, produce, workshop and mentor each other in order to put on productions. The drama club meets after school hours and the students do not get school credit. Why do they do it? What do they get out of it? Save the Dramaexamines these questions as the students find out the answers for themselves.

Save the Drama is directed by Kirsten Kosloski and edited by cinematographer Chris Kosloski. The trials and tribulations are documented with stylized camera work — auditions, rehearsals, production meetings, set painting, wardrobe sewing, laughs, tears and everything in between — up to and including the big night.

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