HILTZ SQUARED Signs On to Tell Story of Terri Jean Bedford

HILTZ SQUARED MEDIA is proud to announce their partnership with TERRI-JEAN BEDFORD to develop a number of multimedia-based properties based on her life.

TERRI-JEAN BEDFORD is Canada's most notorious dominatrix, known by the stage name MADAME DE SADE. After being arrested in 1994 for running a common bawdy house, she fought against Canada's unreasonable prostitution laws, and recently succeeded in having them struck down pending appeal. Now, she's teamed with Toronto- based film company HILTZ SQUARED MEDIA to bring her memoir, Dominatrix on Trial, and her life, to the screen.

HILTZ and Ms Bedford plan to produce a reality TV series and one-off documentary feature that tells the story of her childhood, youth, and rise to S&M dominance.

"Hiltz Squared Media is thrilled to be working with Terri-Jean on a number of television projects. Ms. Bedford is a lightning rod for public attention and her decades of front page struggles with the 'powers that be' make her someone that audiences will find fascinating to watch again and again," said Hiltz President Jonathan Hiltz.

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